Past events

Sep 25 - Sep 27

Salute to Supernatural East Brunswick, NJ

Creation Entertainment's Supernatural Convention in NJ! I am excited. It will be my second time attending one of these conventions as a vendor

Aug 28 - Aug 30

Sci-Fi Valley Con, Altoona, PA

With this having been so much fun last year, and with so many amazing guests scheduled, I couldn't resist signing up to vend at this convention, even though it is close to Awesome Con. I know this is going to be so much fun.

Blair County Convention Center, Altoona, PA

Nov 1 - Nov 3

Salute to Supernatural - Washington, DC

I love Supernatural. I love my Sam, I love my Dean, I love this show. As a guest, I have been to 9 conventions and made so many great memories (and some amazing friends). So, I am very excited to come to Washington, DC for the first time as a con vendor with my Lil' Luvvies. I'm pretty sure I will have more than a few moose and squirrels with me for sale...for reasons.

Crystal Gateway Marriott - Arlington, VA

Jun 7 - Jun 9

Sci-Fi Valley Con -- Altoona, PA

Come and find your new best friend at the Lil' Luvvies table at Sci-Fi Valley Con. There will be a variety of fandom and non-fandom Luvvies to choose from (many designs of which are not currently available on my Etsy shop). There will be something for everyone, and also an amazing time to meet and greet with some of the coolest celebs in the business.

Blair County Convention Center - Altoona, PA

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