Everything Old is New Again

In 2004, my parents, my husband, and I took a trip to New York City - my first since I was nine-years-old. During that whirlwind adventure, we had the opportunity to see several shows, including seeing Hugh Jackman perform in the musical "The Boy From Oz." During that musical, young Peter Allen (Jackman) - and later Allen's mother - sing a song that I often find myself still humming all these years later: Everything Old is New Again.

During that song, it references how the tuxedo and white tails that you put away because they no longer were in fashion can be brought out of the moth balls because that trend has returned. It is a very real phenomenon. I see it often when I look at styles of TV shows, or ways we dress, or in my own attitudes toward certain things.

One way in which I have found this especially true has been recently with the yarn choices I have been making. You guys know me: I am a yarn hoarder from the word go and I constantly am in search of "the one." That one yarn brand that I can swear my undying fealty to and make my go to forever and ever. However, I am finding in the fiber arts that isn't as easy as I would think. 

I mean, when I color, I need to have my Crayola crayons - that is my brand - and, to me at least, crocheting is similar to coloring. You pick your palatte and create a tapestry: The only difference is one is on paper and one becomes three-dimensional. So, for the past two and a half years, I have been in search of my yarn equivalent of a Crayola crayon only to not really have the same level of commitment with anything in particular.

I find brands that I really enjoy for certain projects, or that work for specific colorations, but that don't universally translate for my liking. I think that is one of the reasons my yarn stash is as big as it is (one day I will have to photograph it's extent, as long as everyone promises not to report me to A&E for an episode of "Hoarders").

As I have dug into my stash during the quarantine period (and have replenished said stash), I do find myself going back to brands that I had used before but then threw over in my attempt to find the "it" brand. In doing so, I have rediscovered my love for the simplicity and vast array of bold and true color choices available from Paintbox Simply Aran. How the "Vanilla Cream" in Paintbox seems to capture the caucasian skin tone best when I'm making a doll in that shade. How the "Soft Fudge" is the perfect shade for the body of my moose. But, how I dislike their shades of pure white as the stitches do not work the way that I want them to.

I also have rediscovered that the Knit Picks/We Crochet Brava Worsted and Mighty Stitch work up beautifully and have well-defined stitch definition; however, the company's designation of the weight of their yarn and my thoughts on that vary vastly. This means that when I use a worsted weight (medium weight) yarn in this brand, my Luvvies are going to look smaller than if I use another company, only because their medium weight is slightly thinner than other brands: But, the finished results are gorgeous and bold, which makes it worth the trade-off when size doesn't matter as much.

Another rediscovered love as been Caron Simply Soft because it has a beautiful sheen to it and is so smooth to work with, which can be a major relief to my poor, aching hands when working for hours on larger projects. However, sometimes the fiber tends to get a little splitty, which makes for some frustration and having to tear out a portion of the work and making it again at a slower pace.

And while I have been rediscovering some of the old favorites, I still have been playing with new discoveries too, such as the many different brands that I have purchased from ICE Yarns and some new lines from older companies (such as Lion Brand "Date Night").

I suppose that this period of redicovery has proven a couple things to me. It proves that when it comes to yarn, I have commitment issues and cannot find that "one" brand. In the fiber arts, I just cannot find my Crayola, but I think I am becoming okay with that because I have found the brands/shades that work for specific projects. And, the biggest thing I have learned is what Peter Allen sings about is absolutely the truth that everything old truly is new again.

Hugs and cuddles,


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