Bits and Bobs and Random Thought Wisps

I really thought considering I don't leave my house - unless it is for doctor appointments - that I would have so much more time to be able to juggle my day job, my fun job, and writing some interesting blog content. Some how that is not the case. I swear that every time I have the intention of sitting at my computer to share insight, something else comes up, and by the time I am finished with that other thing, I've completely lost my train of thought.

As the title implies, I really don't have a set topic for this little check in. I've been keeping busy and continuing to collect and try some new patterns, as well as revisit many of the old standards.

With August approaching (where has the time gone), I know there are going to be changes on the horizon for my schedule. The full extent of those changes, I don't yet know. However, as we go into the fall months, my work load at my day job is going to increase (as a massive project is scheduled to launch 1/1/2021), and in October I will be undergoing a surgical procedure. I also don't know what the fall will hold for my husband and/or my daughter with what their school environments will look like (him as a teacher, her going into the sixth grade).

As these changes approach, the one thing I do know is that my show will be going on a bit of a hiatus beginning the second week of September and going until mid-October (or whenever I am back on my feet).

What won't change is that I am going to continue to keep creating and offering unique cuties. And, I hope that you all will continue to share this journey with me, as I so enjoy having you on this road and the support that you all have given me.

As always, I hope this finds you well and safe.

Hugs and cuddles,


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