Juggling Safety and Product Options - A Store Update

Hellow my dear friends! I hope this finds all of you well. I wanted to take a few moments to provide an update regarding my Etsy shop and some of the options I am providing.

Not long after my state, Pennsylvania, issued its shelter-in-place order, I made a decision that I was going to put my Etsy store on vacation mode until I was able to better understand what was going on with the COVID-19 virus and to make sure I was protecting not only my family (since my husband is my post office assistant) and keeping the new homes for my Luvvies protected, and looking after the postal carriers in between.

I kept things this was for several weeks, especially during what was projected as the peak of the virus. And it only has been recently that I have reopened the shop and am resuming operations. That said, even though the shop is reopen, there are a few differences - some obvious, some more behind the scenes.

As I have mentioned in other postings, I had intended to vend at three conventions this year (Awesome Con in April, Sci-Fi Valley Con in June, and Salute to Supernatural New Jersey in September). So far, the first two cons have been rescheduled (and due to the new date, I will not be able to attend Awesome Con), and the fate of the New Jersey convention still is a question mark. Because I have some finished pieces that I created for the conventions, I decided to do something I typically don't: I listed these as ready-to-ship. So, if you look at my store page, you will see a shop section called "Ready to Ship," and you will see a variety of freinds there looking for a home. As I continue to make new cuties on a regular basis, the offerings in this section will change. The downside is these are finished products, because of that, these particular pieces cannot be customized. However, if you see a finished product that you would like to have, but want/need modifications to it, please contact me and we can discuss possible options for a custom piece.

Another change is behind the scenes: When I pack up the Luvvies, I make sure I am washing my hands before I start touching any of the materials and am trying to touch the kids themselves as little as possible. I was trying to wear gloves to do this, but we were running out and needed those for when my husband goes shopping. I also have been wiping down the packages with disinfectant wipes once they are finished so the outside has been cleaned as well.

The final change is another behind the scenes change that impacts shipping. To minimize exposure and maintain social distancing and shelter-in-place requirements, I only have been shipping packages once a week. So, you will see even with the ready-to-ship products that the estimated production time is 2-3 weeks, same as a made-to-order Luvvie. This does not mean I am anticipating 2-3 weeks to get your friend to you, it is a buffer so that my shipping estimates do not create unreasonable expectations. Typically, my husband has been going to the post office for me on Tuesdays, so if you order from me on Tuesday after he already has gone to the post office, the package will not be sent out until the following Tuesday. Again, for a ready to ship item, this does not mean the item is being made, it is just a precaution for social distancing. I know this can be annoying and would like to have the item(s) as soon as possible, but I do appreciate your patience and understanding with this so we can all work to stay healthy and safe.

I would love to say that these will be the only changes to the store - some positive, others not as much - but, I think what I have learned in these past 9 weeks is that things are constantly evolving and there is a need for adaptability (not always my strongest suit).

I will continue to keep you posted as these changes occur so that you are able to be informed and make the best choices when you are making your purchases. I appreciate each and every one of you that reads this, and I wish you all good health and happiness.

Hugs and cuddles,


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