Taking Stock

Typically I'm not into new year's resolutions or the whole new year, new me thing. I've tried that in the past...failed epically and know that is not me and I can't put that pressure on myself. But again, that's just me because I know I will find the first opportunity to wiggle out of something as soon as I can.

However, this year I am trying to be slightly more organized, especially when it comes to my yarn. To the surprise of no one, I have a wee bit of a collection - and by that I mean Joann's could totally use my house as a showroom for yarn, or send people my way when they don't have something in stock. It has taken up way too many rooms, but I haven't really stopped buying.

After placing a rather large order from a new company last week, I sat back and came to two realizations: (1) holy moly that's a lot of yarn, I really need to stop buying so much until I can use some; (2) how do I know I have what I need for a project there's no organization to anything.

Because of the way I have yarn strewn throughout my house in no particular order, and the size of my stash, I couldn't fathom trying to go through everything to organize and put all the reds together or all the neutrals in this area - I would love to, but I would need a week's vacation from work and then another week to recover from that week. As I was contemplating this fact, I happened to go on to  https://www.ravelry.com/.

I've had an account on Ravelry for about a year, but I don't use that account as much. However, one of the feature stories this month discussed the feature they have to "stash" yarn. As I started reading more about it, the more interested I became.

With the stash feature, I can digitally capture what brand and color yarn I have. Many colorways are already listed in their database (although you also can enter information if it is not there). So, I decided to try to do this. What I'm doing is going through receipts for orders I've made in the past six months and entering in my information from there. Once I have that done, I'll decide how much further I want to go. At least maybe if I have some tangible accountability for this it will help - especially because since I don't know if I have a particular shade I find myself placing an order for a color, only to find I have three skeins of that exact shade.

The other thing I think I'm going to do - as much as I don't like to have to admit it - is that I am going to have to stop buying more yarns for a while. I think I might make a bargain with myself that if I use "X" number of skeins, then I can buy "Y" number. At the worst case, I would just save it as a gift for myself for my birthday.

As much as it is a pain, I actually do enjoy reviewing the yarns that I have and getting to see it in my stash - and it is helping me to plan some projects I have upcoming to know what I want to try to play with.

Will I maintain it once I get so far? I don't know. Like I said, I usually make resolutions and then disappoint myself by not following through with them. However, if I can equate this to trying to keep stock of my materials for business maybe that will help me a little more.

Above all else - I'm going to need bigger tubs to put my yarn in (and find places to hide what I have). Hahaha.

Hugs and cuddles,


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