A Little (Red) Heart to Heart

I'm picky.

That probably comes as a surprise to exactly no one.

I've always been a little picky, but when it comes to things that I care deeply about I find that I am even more picky. This especailly has been true when it comes to the yarns that I use.

Some of it is because I am the mother of a child with sensory issues, so I pay more attention to that; but, I think the larger truth is I just want it to be a specific way because I want it to be. I think that's why my whole house looks like an extension of the yarn aisle at Joann's; because I keep trying different yarns to find the one that has the perfect qualities I am looking for.

When I first started back to crocheting (almost two years ago), I started out by using Red Heart Super Saver (RHSS). It was a brand that I remembered from years prior when my mother was first teaching me to crochet. Now, I know that RHSS has a lot of advocates, and there is nothing wrong with it. However, for me, I don't like working with it. The material is too scratchy for me, and I don't think it works well to produce a cuddly Luvvie. Again - that is only my opinion.

Because I was not the biggest fan of the RHSS, I found myself swearing off from all the Red Heart brands.

Things changed over the holidays, when I was scooping up sales on yarns and getting some mystery boxes from different companies. In one of the mystery boxes I received I got a skein of Red Heart with Love. At first, I confess, I was disappointed. I had in my head that this was going to be scratchy and not what I wanted to work with. I decided to give it the benefit of the doubt and I started working with it and testing it out. I found out that it really was much softer that the traditional RHSS.

Working with the Red Heart with Love, I found it to be comparable to some of the pricier brands that I had been working with - and it was definitely more yardage. This is not to say that Red Heart with Love is the softest yarn that I have worked with...it isn't, but it is a nice, soft acrylic yarn and I find that it really works up nicely to make squishy, huggable, soft, duarable Luvvies.

As with most yarns, however, dye lot does make a difference. Because I had been using the "Lettuce" color to make a lot of my baby Yodas, I got used to the texture of that yarn. When I got the Red Heart with Love in black, I actually did a double take, I thought for a moment that I had messed up and ordered RHSS or that I had been sent RHSS by accident. The black dye in the Red Heart with Love makes for a much stiffer yarn that does feel more like the RHSS. I have been able to work with it for things like my "F" bombs to make it through what I have ordered; however, I probably will not order this in black again - just because I do not like the texture.

All this said, I'm still picky. I'm still on my quioxtic quest to find the absolute perfect yarn that I can use for everything and that meets all my criteria. Until then, on a five point scale, this would probably be a nice solid 3.



Softness....................3 (the reason for the middle mark is because of the difference in dye lots that make some stiffer)



Range of colors.........4 (there are 44 different shades, some of which are   variegated)

Availability.................5 (widely available at stores such as Michael's and Joann's and online through a variety of sources including Yarnspirations and LoveCrafts)

Color vibrance..........4 

Easy to work with......3 (over all these worked very well, but as with many yarns there is a tendency to split, especially if you work quickly).

Hugs and cuddles,


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