Ice, Ice Baby

So far 2020 has been my year of discovering and playing with new yarns more than actually working with them to make Luvvies (lol). However, after my most recent purchase, I am going to try to be a good girl and not buy anything until I use at least some of the stash I have accumulated (we'll see how long that lasts).

As I've been branching out and playing with different yarns and different fibers, I've been watching a lot of crocheters on You Tube do yarn reviews and unboxings. Of course watching yarn unboxings make me want to try new yarns for myself (both a good and bad thing).

However, one yarn company that I've heard mixed reviews about from my favorite You Tubers (Crystal at Bag-O-Day Crochet & More and Krista from The Secrety Yarnery) is the Turkey-based Ice Yarns. However, after seeing several videos from them about their new yarn hauls I needed to make my own decision. So, I have just placed two orders (should have just done it all in one) and see for myself.

I am super excited to say the first of these two shipments (the smaller of the two), should be arriving at my house today. Hopefully the rain holds off or someone is home to put this box indoors so it doesn't get nasty while I'm at work. I can't wait to get in this box and see for myself all the yarny goodness that awaits me.

What I have learned, thus far about Ice Yarns is this: Their Web site is MASSIVE. Think of Ice Yarn's Web site like the Cheesecake Factory's menu, which is basically it's own book but has pretty much everything you ever could want, and some things you didn't even know existed. 

I probably could spend (and might have spent) hours browsing their site. The have a little bit of everything - various fiber contents, fiber blends, yarn weight - there are a lot of possibilities and at first the site is super daunting. Not only are there a lot of yarn options, they also have different needles, hooks, and notions so it can be a tad overwhelming to have all these choices.

I tried to narrow things down. I know that for what I like and what I make, I prefer to have a worsted weight (medium thickness) yarn. So, I applied a filter to only return that consistency. There still were a ton of options. From there, I really did just try to take it one yarn at a time.

Unlike some of the US sites, like LoveCrafts, which house a variety of yarns, when I was searching by weight on Ice Yarns each color had its own thumbnail, which made the number of results look even larger than it was. Instead of seeing Favorite Worsted as an option, click on it and see it has 40 colors, for example, each of those 40 colors would be a separate image to click or quick shop.

Aside from having a voluminous number of Web site choices, the other thing that I noticed is that shipping is on the pricey side. Unlike a lot of companies that will have free or discounted shipping if you spend a certain dollar amount, Ice Yarns does not have this option. Granted, their stock is shipping from Turkey, but Hobbii ships from Denmark, and they offer free shipping to the US with orders greater than $74, and other shipping rates starting at $7.50.

The difference I think is that Hobbii's yarn is more moderately priced, like a lot of the larger name retailers in the US (like Yarnspirations, Lion Brand, and LoveCrafts). At many of these places one skein of worsted weight yarn with 370 yards might cost $5.89; whereas at Ice Yarns you get two skeins of the same yarn with 360 yards each for $5.99. That's a big difference. However, there are two caveats: the yarn is sold in lots (either 2, 3, 4, 6, 8 to a pack) and you have to be careful of the shipping costs.

Ice Yarns sells good quality yarn (much of which probably is manufactured on the same lines as the "name brand" yarns) at super low prices, but they do not offer any break on shipping. So, this is where my worlds collide and I get to play with numbers and play with yarn.

The short story is if you only are going to buy one or two packs of yarn, then this might not be the way to shop for you, and you might be better looking for a comparable type yarn with a vendor that has slightly higher yarn prices, but lower to free shipping. However, if you buy a larger quantity from them, then the shipping can even out and you get good quality yarn for a great price.

My first order was a smaller (relatively) speaking. I got about 10 different types. When I looked at my total cost and divided it by the number of skeins I purchased, each skein came out to about $1.51. Obviously I'll know more once I actually get the yarn and can squish it and play with it, but this appears to be a really good price for some interesting yarns I haven't seen elsewhere.

The second order, which is my absolute splurge and the one that made me swear I was done buying yarn for at least 6 months, I got more skeins and more variety. For that, when I factored in the number of skeins and the total cost, it was about $2.34 per skein. Why the difference? Shipping cost increase based on weight, some of the packs didn't have as many skeins as they did my first time, and some of the fiber content/price of the yarns was more than with the first lot. Again, I'll need to play with the new yarn once it comes to see if it really is worth the price, but I'm still happy with my purchases, even if it is a little more than the first go around.

Please be sure to follow me on Instagram @lilluvvies; I'm sure I'll be posting lots of pictures as these goodies come in for me to try.

Hugs and cuddles,


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