Where did the year go?

Happy New Year, my lovelies! I hope everyone had a happy and healthy holiday season (or continues to have a great holiday season, as the case might be). I can't believe that we are in 2020: The year feels like it absolutely flew by...I know November and December certainly did.

I feel bad that I haven't been able to post more, but with the holidays, things got crazy on the shop site, and at home preparing for not only Christmas, but my daughter's 11th birthday - so there haven't been too many spare moments laying around. Add to that an increase in my migraine frequency and intensity and I just haven't been able to hop on - although I've wanted to.

So, what have I been up to? A lot of crochet. Mostly little green, cute aliens from a certain popular Disney+ show that so many people are afraid to call by his actual name (*cough* Baby Yoda *cough* * cough*). But, I also had a chance to make some Deadpool and some other friends.

Now that the holiday rush is over, I have been taking a slight break from crochet to recharge and to catch up on sleep - although I still am working on orders and getting things up to date in my store.

My next plans? Once I finish the orders I have in the shop, I probably am going to be taking a bit of an Etsy break. I am planning to have the shop closed down for the month of Feburary. This is to allow me to have a little bit of time off - or at least to focus on my day job more. But, it is also time that I'm hoping to use to prepare some items for Awesome Con in May. Since I've returned from DC at the beginning of November, I have been running pretty much nonstop on orders from Etsy (which has been awesome, and I thank you all so very much), so I don't have anything for my first con of the year.

I also have been experimenting with different yarns. I think we talked about (in one of my last entries) that I had been trying different yarn companies and brands out.

One thing that has surprised me in trying some different yarns is that I don't hate Red Heart. No, now hear me out. I know a lot of crocheters and amiugurumi artists love Red Heart, particularly Red Heart Super Saver, because it is a pretty durable fiber  and the price is very reasonable, especially for the yardage you get. I, however, have never liked Red Heart Super Saver (also referred to as RHSS). As a mom to a child with sensory issues, and probably some sensory issues myself, I find the material to be too scratchy and coarse. I don't think that it makes a good yarn to work with, and I don't think it makes for a particularly cuddly luvvie. I have heard that the more you wash an item made with RHSS, the softer it gets, but I don't care to find out. However, over the holiday season, there were so many good deals on Yarnspirations.com for Red Heart yarn that I decided to give it another chance. Only instead of getting the RHSS, I started getting the Red Heart with Love. I have to say, I like it. It isn't the softest yarn I've ever worked with, but it is softer than its cousin the Super Saver, and still a generous amount of yardage. I can't wait to show off some of the items I've made.

I also am looking forward to being able to share some more new projects off for you. I have purchased a number of patterns from Etsy and am itching to start working on them.

I hope your New Year has gotten off to a great success and that it only is the start of amazing things for you.

Hugs and cuddles,


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