Tales of the Con Life: Travel

I'm in my last minute panic to finish getting everything ready to leave next week for Arlington, Virginia for the Salute to Superatural DC convention. And, as I am getting prepared, I realized this will be my sixth convention as a vendor for Lil' Luvvies. I've been at dozens upon dozens of conventions in my life, but it is a remarkably different animal when I am working as a vendor versus attending as a con guest.

One of the things that makes it so different is the travel arrangements.

When I go to a con, or on a trip just for fun, usually I have a backpack that I jam my clothes into and my toilitries and I am good to go (I usually am a super light packer). However, going to a con with Luvvies, I feel like I take half of my house, and even then I usually have to hit up the nearest Joann's or Michael's to get some extra.

I have gotten better in some respects over my cons. My work bag remains packed and has all the essentials: The most common yarn colors, my spare hooks and stitch markers, chargers, my Square for credit card payments, hand sanitizer...the basics. I keep that packed and at the ready from con to con. 

I also carry two totes with me. One is my catch all. It has the plastic bags I can put Luvvies in, my business cards, display stands, chalkboards for displays, table cloths and runners, and all the little special touches to try to make my little table stand out. It also holds some snacks and a few bottles of water, and emergency fiberfill.

The second tote is the bread and butter: It holds the actual Luvvies. Since I have had a good six months to prepare for SPN DC, I actually upgraded to a larger tote and it is full to the brim with my little cuties, waiting to be adopted.

These two totes alone take up the entire hatch and part of the backseat of my SUV. For stuffed animals they do take up a lot of space. I do think this is the first con where I am pretty comfortable that if I had to leave today that I would have everything ready (Luvvies wise) to make it to DC and that I shouldn't have to grab anything extra.

Although, the course of con planning never runs smoothly, and this has not been an exception. I woke up yesterday morning and had an email from the hotel that the room I had booked (which I have had booked for about a year) was cancelled. No explanation. No idea why thishad happened, just that I no longer had a room.

After the initial panic set in, I was able to book another room at the hotel, and then called the hotel and asked for an explanation - of which I never really got one, except for  "oh, it must have been a mistake on our end, We are so glad you could rebook and we look forward to seeing you next week and wish you a lovely trip." Yeah, I'm going to be stressing about that from now until I actually check in and find that I have a room.

With the big items checked off my list, now I just have to finish up what last minute Luvvies I can, make sure everyone is packed and ready to go and hope for an awesome con.

Hugs and cuddles,


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