Crocheted fan art and keepsakes

I am the biggest kid at heart. I love toys. I love video games. I love comic books. But more than anything - even though I am in my 40s (and not afraid to admit it) - I love stuffed animals, and I have passed that love on to my daughter.
Many of my fondest memories revolve around playing with my stuffed animals, dressing them up, or just playing with them and giving hugs - and getting hugs when I needed them.
When my mother passed away in 2016, I found myself lost. I still had my family and friends, but the comfort I always associated with her was gone, and I ended up having a really bad bout with depression, something I suffered with for years anyhow. To help bring me out of my funk, a friend recommended taking up crochet to de-stress. I had crocheted years prior, my mother had taught me, but it was something I didn't keep up with. Now, I thought this would be the perfect outlet for my energy.
It wasn't long before I found out I could create adorable stuffed animals through a technique known as amigurumi, and since I always had a habit of calling my stuffed animals "luvvie," my new path was set.
I work full time as an accountant and have a young daughter and family at home, but making stuffed animals is my passion and I can wait to share all the "luv" with you.

Hugs and cuddles,

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